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Angular Acceleration Calculator

Last updated: Monday, May 01, 2023
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Angular Velocity
Angular Velocity

Angular velocity is the rate of change of the angle at which a wheel or any rotating object turns around its axis over a period of time. For example, if a wheel completes one full rotation in 2 seconds, its angular velocity would be 2π/2 or π radians per second.

Angular velocity is an important concept in the study of wheels and tires. For instance, when designing a car, engineers need to take into account the angular velocity of the wheels to ensure they can handle the speed and load of the vehicle. Similarly, in the field of sports, athletes such as cyclists and race car drivers use knowledge of angular velocity to optimize their performance and maneuver their vehicles around turns at high speeds.

An alternative formula for determining the angular velocity is defined as:
\(w\) \(=\) \(\dfrac{v}{r}\)
\(w\): the angular velocity/speed
\(v\): the linear velocity/speed
\(r\): the radius of the object
The SI unit of angular velocity is: \(radian/second \text{ }(rad/s)\)
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Find \(w\)

Use this calculator to determine the angular speed/velocity of a circular object when its radius and linear velocity/speed are given.
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