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Electric Charge Calculator

Last updated: Monday, May 01, 2023
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To determine the electric charge using electric potential and electric energy, you need to have knowledge of basic electrical principles. Electric potential is the amount of electric potential energy per unit charge that is present at a specific point in an electric field. On the other hand, electric energy is the amount of work done by an electric field in moving an electric charge from one point to another.

Using these principles, you can determine the electric charge of a system by first measuring the electric potential difference between two points in the electric field. This can be done using a voltmeter, which measures the potential difference between two points.

Next, you need to determine the electric energy that has been expended in moving the charge from one point to another. This can be done using the formula E = V Q, where E is the electric energy expended, Q is the electric charge and V is the potential difference.

By rearranging this formula, you can determine the electric charge of the system: Q = E/V. Therefore, if you know the potential difference and the electric energy expended in moving the charge, you can easily determine the electric charge of the system.

This principle is used in many real-world applications, such as in the calibration of electrical equipment, the measurement of electric charges in electronic devices, and in the design of electrical circuits.

An alternative formula for determining the electric charge can be derived from:
\(E\) \(=\) \(V\) \(\cdot\) \(Q\)
\(Q\): The electric charge
\(E\): the electric energy
\(V\): the voltage
The SI unit of electric charge is: \(coulomb\text{ }(C)\)

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Use this calculator to find the electric charge when the electric energy and potential are given.
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